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Mleiha Desert In Sharjah

5 Things To Do In Mleiha Desert In Sharjah

Mleiha Desert is also known as the deepest desert of Sharjah. Being located in the central region of Sharjah, it was nominated as world’s heritage site by UNESCO. Mleiha Desert is a combination of multiple cultures, historical life, and archeological sites, and landscapes. It was home to Bedouins before the discovery of camel skeletons, pots, fossils, iron tools, and many other things. In 2016, Mleiha Archeological Center was opened here to discover all the ancient artifacts.

This article includes information about things to do in Mleiha Desert. Book exciting desert safari Sharjah deals to enjoy desert sports and delicious BBQ cuisine!

1# Dune Bashing:

The orange dunes in Mleiha Desert are worldwide famous to enjoy dune bashing sessions. Here you can get 4×4 cars to start dune bashing on elevated dunes. The curves of dunes are perfect to enjoy rip-roaring desert safari adventures. Fasten your seat belt because you will scream out with joy and excitement during dune bashing.

2# Quad Bike Ride:

Quad biking in Mleiha Desert is a fun-filled adventure. It is full of adventure to explore the panoramic landscape of the desert. When grains of sand touch your soul while driving a quad bike, it gives a sense of adventure and excitement. Go as far as you want in the desert, but follow the instructions of the tourist guide! A two-seater or three-seater quad bike is included in desert safari Sharjah deals to enjoy this exciting activity with your loved ones.

3# Camel Ride:

A camel ride in Mleiha Desert is full of adventure, thrill, and excitement. All the guests particularly kids love to enjoy this ride. You will feel as if you are sailing in the desert. Do not worry because camels are trained and controlled by their masters during this ride. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the desert from the top of the camel. During desert safari from Sharjah, you can find the best races of camel to enjoy a ride to the campsite.

4# BBQ Dinner:

You can enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner at Al Khayma Camp. After spending a tiring day in Mleiha Desert, it seems relaxing and comfortable to have a dinner in a serene environment. The sausages dripping over food will give a blissful taste to your taste buds. You will always remember the taste of this finger-licking delicious dinner at the campsite.

5# Belly Dance:

Belly dance is the tradition of the Middle East. If you have visited Mleiha Desert and have not enjoyed belly dance, you have probably missed an entertaining activity. The melodious Arabian flute and belly dancers dancing on these songs are full of entertainment. You will lose yourself in this atmosphere for a few minutes. Enjoy Arabic sheesha pipe while watching spectacular dance performances. Enjoy hell entertaining dance performances and delicious cuisine during desert safari from Sharjah!

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