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Top 8 Desert Safari Adventures to Enjoy in Al Faya Desert in Sharjah

Top 8 desert safari adventures to enjoy in Al Faya Desert in Sharjah

Al Faya Desert in Sharjah is the most popular spot for tourists to set up camp under the clear sky. Al Faya Desert is located at 50 minutes drive away from central Dubai city. The adrenaline junkies love to ride down here. Cruising along this desert has become a must-do activity by tourists. The dunes of Al Faya Desert are known to be the biggest dunes in Sharjah. That’s why it is known as the ‘’big fall’. The oasis club, spa, and swimming pool make this place a perfect escape point to spend quality time with your friends and family. Although you can do many things there yet desert safari adventure are matchless here. From morning to all-day desert safari adventure, you can every single activity. Let’s have a look at inclusions.

  1. Pick up and drop off location:

The desert safari Sharjah offers to include pick and drop facilities to tourists from their hotel or residential point. Listening to hip-hop songs from high-school and enjoying a luxurious ride towards desert is an immensely pleasant moment.

  1. Dune bashing:

The dunes in Al Faya Desert are perfect to enjoy this desert sport. As dunes are 300 feet high, driving through them will rush adrenaline in your veins. The true adventure-seekers love riding through alternating dunes.

  1. ATV quad biking:

It is an optional activity in Al Faya Desert. You can hire a quad bike and operators will give you complete information about handling this bike. Do not forget to wear safety gloves, helmet, and knee pads to ensure personal protection. The tourists love to explore the vast landscape on this bike. Besides this, you can enjoy desert safari Dubai from Sharjah with the same desert sports in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

  1. Sandboarding:

It does not matter whether you have tried this sport before or not, it is very easy to do. Take a sandboard and fix your feet on it. Gliding through slopes of dunes leave unforgettable memories

  1. Camel ride:

The major attraction of desert safari Sharjah offers is the camel ride. Get on the top of the desert and enjoy a slow pleasant ride towards the campsite instead of jerky ride on a bike.

  1. Hot air balloon ride:

The hot air balloon ride is popular among local and international tourists to have an aerial view of the desert. The best time to enjoy this ride is either sunrise or sunset. Traveling in the air feels breathtakingly amazing in both those times.

  1. Dinner with dance show:

After spending a hectic day in the desert, you feel hungry and tiring. You can eat either vegetarian or non-vegetarian dinner there. You will always remember the dance shows while eating savory BBQ dinner. The desert safari Dubai from Sharjah will give you a lifetime experience and enrich your knowledge about the traditions of the true Arabian lifestyle.

  1. Spend a night in Bedouin camp:

If you have visited Al Faya Desert and did not spend a night in the camp, your tour is worthless. Do not ignore this pleasant activity.

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