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Book now Desert Safari Sharjah in just AED 55 and Get 45% Discount

When we talk about desert safari adventure in Sharjah, I must say it is a must go place. The big red dunes meeting with tall rocks increase the beauty of the desert. In deserts of Sharjah, scenery extravagances the nature. If you are adventure lover, your happiness will know no boundaries after visiting desert safari in Sharjah. During vacations and weekends desert is overcrowded with tourists coming to enjoy this adventure. The dunes bashing and quad biking at Sharjah is very easily as compared with other deserts of UAE. Al Fayal deserts have biggest sand dunes for ravishing dune bashing session that are also known as “Big Fall”. The magical beauty of deserts seems hypnotically that captures the eye of beholder in its charm. Overall, adventure junkies will feel immense pleasure and entertainment in deserts. It is convenient for tourists to be picked from their hotel, residence or any other location in Sharjah via 4x4x vehicle. The tours consist of six hours with soul stirring adventures.

  • Enjoy dune driving on enormous sand dunes that is a thrilling adventure:

The nail biting dune bashing session will rush adrenaline in veins. The driving in 4×4 vehicles like Land Cruiser or Nissan Patrol turns you energetic and zealous.

  • Try hair rising ATV quad bike ride to double the pleasure of desert safari adventure:

You will be enthusiastic to try quad biking adventure that is perfect to enjoy extra galvanizing emotions. The driving on sand dunes is full of jumps and jolts that electrify your soul.

  • Go for a camel ride at least once for lively experience:

The camel ride to campsite is more than an adventure as it gives bird eye view about the landscape of the desert.

  • Experience sand skiing that feels like diving on alternating crust and trough of sand dunes:

The sand boarding is like riding on inclined sand dunes. The ups and down events on sand board are awe inspiring.

  • Feel overjoyed with appealing entertainment activities:

The delightful Bellay dance performances enthrall you. Likewise, Egyptian style Tanura dance shows leaves a soothing and calm effect on your nerves. Lively music at campsite makes it romantic. Usually, children admire stick man show and wonderful fire dance shows.

  • Taste exotic cuisine that uplifts hunger level:

The intercontinental BBQ dinner is savory, spicy and delicious. The vast deserts of Sharjah are appropriate to set a camp under sky and enjoy a cup of tea sitting there. You can also take Arabic sheesha pipe that gives a rich flavor of tobacco. The chilled refreshments and mineral water keeps you hydrated and energetic during tour.

  • Take multiple photographs to post on Instagram:

The colorful Arabic costumes are made with fine details of embroidery and floral pattern. Try different pose and take pictures that are stunning enough for your social media account.

  • Paint henna tattoos with amazing designs:

It is the biggest attraction for female tourists to decorate their skin with henna painting. The aroma, color and floral designs of henna will fall you in love it.

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