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Get Some Essential Tips about Sharjah City Tour to Make your Trip Perfect

Some people think that visiting Sharjah is totally wastage of time because it is somewhat boring and non-interesting. Sharjah has refined monumental building, soul soaking deserts, magical waterfalls, dignified mosques and incredible museum that truly make Sharjah worth visiting for tourists. According to tourists’ economic forum of UAE, almost 25 million people will visit Sharjha by the end of 2020. Sharjah is famous to organize many cricket matches in its enlarged stadiums for which people like this city.  You can explore many places in affordable rates within 5 hours.

Here are some tips about places to visit in Sharjah city.

  • Make a perfect walk across Buhairah Corniche:

This is an excellent place to go with numerous eating and shopping options. The walk across cornice, sun set and sun rise feel like fairy tale as cool breeze is blowing that makes you serene and calm. The magnificent waterfall, café and restaurants make this place ideal to visit. Leave your children to play on corniche beach.

  • Visit Al Noor Mosque to explore true Islamic civilization:

You must visit this mosque located on Buhairah Corniche because it designed according to Turkish Ottoman architecture designs. You will be inspired by the spectacular calligraphy elaborated on the walls of mosque. The domes, arches ad pillars are adorned with verses of Holy Quran that represents Islamic domain.

  • Visit the biggest mosque of UAE – King Faisal Mosque:

Besides representing Islam heritage, there is a library that has bundles of books representing the Islamic scientific work, literature and culture. The photogenic garden and breath taking architecture of this mosque is admired by tourists. Even non-Muslim tourists can also visit this mosque by keeping in mind to follow the Islam values.

  • Al Hisn Fort represents defensive methodologies used during demolition:

This fort has six pieces of cannon, thick walled tower, watchtowers, windows and doors specially designed for defensive point of view. It gives an overview of traditional defense in case of war.

  • Shop from oldest market of UAE – Souk Al Arsa:

The tourists like to roam in streets of this market to explore traditional beauty of Sharjha. You can shop everything from this market. The antique style jewelry pieces, perfumes, coffee beans, dresses are worthy to buy. You must enjoy delicious halwa and sweet while visiting this market.

  • Sharjah Heritage Museum is hub of culture information and artifacts:

The themed galleries of this museum are divided into 6 categories that cover every aspect of Sharjha’s tradition. The symbolic representation of religious beliefs, arts, crafts, events, folk stories and lifestyle engages tourists to put a glance on it. You will gather knowledge about cultural aspects of UAE.

  • Visit the main shopping hub of Sharjah – Souk Al Markazi:

There are many shops from where you can buy gold, jewelry, perfumes, clothes, cosmetics, electronics and many other things. This traditional style shopping market has two buildings that are linked with a bridge. At the time of twilight the beauty of water looks mesmerizing while standing on bridge.


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